911 Reflective Address Signs

Grand County Emergency Services and East Grand Fire Department prefer the Standardized Grand County (GCR Number Signs)

Is your address sign visible?

You may think that your address sign is clear and obvious, but try driving around at night in a neighborhood where you are not familiar. Now, imagine that you are a first responder called out at 3am to help someone who is having a heart attack. Quite simply, most address signs are NOT adequately visible.  Your house could be far off the road, there might be black numbers on a dark brown background, or the numbers might be too small or unable to read in the dark. For this reason, a uniform metal address sign with reflective numbers is highly encouraged. You can purchase these signs for your property individually online, or you can order them through the Grand County Wildfire Council’s website at: Grand County Wildfire Council

What is the name of the road that your house is on?

If you live in town, your road may have a common name like Grand Avenue or 4th Street. If you live outside of town limits, then you may have a Grand County Road (GCR) number in addition to a common name. For example: Grand County Road 5 is the proper name, but it often goes by its common name, 4 Bar 4 Road. Google and other search engines are hit or miss on street names and numbers, so it is recommended that you verify and memorize your proper street name and/or number. If you ever have to call 911, you will want to know the proper name or County Road number because there can be many roads throughout the county with the same common name (such as Elk Drive or Chipmunk Lane). County Road numbers are unique and not duplicated within the county.