New Construction Guidelines – Design Review Committee

The Stagecoach Meadows architectural design and construction of a new residence includes the following process:

  • The owner is required to submit to the Design Review Committee (DRC) the “Stagecoach Meadows DRC Application for the DRC Approval of Home Architectural Design & Construction”, available on the SMHOA website.  The Application should include all specified plans, fees, and supporting materials and information for review and approval.

  • The Owner and Architect/Engineer of a new residence should refer to the SMHOA Covenants, especially Article 3, Article 4: Architectural Approval, Article 5 and Rules and Regulations for design and construction information and requirements.

  • When ready to begin the new residence approval process,  the application should be submitted by the Owner to the DRC members to review for approval and a copy of the application and accompanying fees sent to the SMHOA  Secretary/Treasurer. Stagecoach Meadows HOA – PO Box 2161 – Winter Park, CO 80482

  • The DRC has 45 days to review and approve the proposal following the receipt of all required plans, documents, and materials.

For questions, please contact the Design Review Committee.